They are the first sentient species encountered by the humans.

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Siskan, like humans, are mammals. Unlike humans, though, they resemble somewhat of a cephelopod form. They look very much like the humans do, and have very similar features. They have arms and legs and a head, just like the humans. There are many differences though. A siskan's skin is usually a tone of grey. They are completely hairless, but grow tenticle-like extrusions on their heads. The tenticles can be cut without hurting the siskan. Their noses are more flattened than humans. They don't have holes for nostrils, they have slits on the sides of their noses. Their ears are simply slits on the sides of their heads.


In the year 30,570 of Ysem, the siskan revolutionized space travel by inventing the warp drive. The encountered the humans three years later. They were happy to share their technological secrets and had hoped to form their first interplanetary alliance with them. The humans took their technology, but an alliance was never formed. In 30,583, another new species was found. This new species was much more hostile than the humans, but not as advanced. They called themselves the doughph. They started a massive war with the siskan, slaughtering millions of lives. The war continued, until 2275, Earth's time, when they united to free the galaxy of the skik enemy.


Siskan have a very complicated government system. They are a republic run by a council of elected representatives. There are seven representatives for each colony, one representative for each seven, and one representative to rule all of those.