The fatwarians are not a diverse race. They are very united.

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An average fatwarian may have a lifespan of up to 500 fatwarian years. At birth, they are two feet tall, and already have developed motor control. They never stop growing and at the end of their life can reach 30 feet. They are a very resilliant species with incredible traits and abilities. Even though they're mammals, they are invertabrates. They support themselves with their muscles alone. They are covered by a thin, white skin and have black hair on the top of their heads. Under their skin there is a thick, strong hide. This hide's color depends on the individual. Their eyes are armored by a very thin, hard, transparent skin. Their eyes glow with a colored luminescence. The color of the eyes depends on the individual. On their backs is a set of wings. When these wings are lifted, a soft membrain covered by four, curled tongues is revealed.



The fatwarians represent a combination of a communistic society and a theocracy.